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We are excited to let you know that the Governor of Florida has given us the green light to re-open all facilities that includes Beat Street Dance Studio (the "studio"). As we continue to work through the process of getting our facilities and employees ready for this “re-opening" — which will be happening soon, there are things we can and should do to help keep each other safe.

Studio Operation

Rest assured we are taking steps to educate our staff and prepare our studio create a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment for dancing, having fun and environment however, this requires that we all do our part to take the steps. We are requesting your cooperation, and the cooperation of all of our dancers and visitors, in complying with the rules and policies described below:

Most importantly, please don't come to the studio if you, your child or anyone in your family has been diagnosed with coronavirus, you've been in close proximity to someone who has recently had the coronavirus, if you’re feeling sick, you have a fever, you have a cough, or you’re general difficulty breathing. Although the ban on business closures has been lifted, the risks associated with coronavirus are still very real. Successful physical distancing means staying home and remaining quarantined if you're exhibiting any of the symptoms commonly associated with coronavirus. The best, most effective way to prevent yourself and others from becoming is to avoid exposure to coronavirus.


Effective immediately the following procedures have been put into place.

  • Beat Street Dance is now a drop-off/pick-up studio only until further notice. If a parent needs to speak with Ms. Melissa or any other member of our staff, please schedule a meeting.

  • At the entrance of the studio, hand sanitizer will be provided to each student and the teacher will confirm it is used. We also ask that each dancer bring their own small bottle to use at their convenience.

  • We will end each class 5 minutes early to wipe down any surfaces used in the class. Any shared props that are used for younger classes will no longer be used.

  • Our studio is cleaned each week -- we have increased the frequency of cleanings. Between cleanings we will increase wiping down all surfaces throughout each day.

  • Rest rooms are no longer allowed to be used as dressing/changing rooms.

  • All classes will require shoes and socks to be worn until further notice.

  • No touching — all partnering works and lifts in classes and rehearsals will be marked — no hugs, hand-shakes or high fives.

  • Please bring your own water bottle as water.

  • Signs will be posted in bathrooms to follow 20-second rule when washing hands. Only two people will be allowed in the bathroom at one time.

  • Bathrooms will be wiped down frequently during studio hours.

  • Masks will be required and are not optional for dancers Please be aware that while your dancers are wearing a mask while dancing there may be breathing issues that may occur and make sure it is safe for your dancer. Please consult with your physician for more information on the risks of dancing while wearing masks.

  • Please note with that occupancy and class size will be limited to maintain effective physical distancing practices and to comply with Order of State and local officials.

These “coronavirus rules” are not comprehensive and may be revised by us at any time. Once again your health and safety will at our studio is extremely important to us. We expect you, our dancers and visitors, our members and our staff to abide by the rules and guidelines described above.


As a business, if we determine a dancer is violating these coronavirus roles, we reserve the right to deny entry into the studio or require that a dancer leave the studio if these coronavirus rules are not followed.


Please note that while the coronavirus remains an active threat for many, we may operate under modified studio hours -- you can check our website for up-to-date information about business hours.  Contact Us for more information

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