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How to Prepare for a Dance Team Audition

Whether you’re auditioning for a high school dance team, studio competition team, or professional audition, there’s no denying that auditions can be stressful. For dancers, there is plenty to do to prepare so you don’t let your nerves get the best of you during the audition process.  With the right attitude and preparation, you can give a powerhouse performance that the judges will remember.  Here’s some helpful tips to prepare you for your best performance on audition day.

Research & Prepare:  The more prepared you are walking into a dance team audition, the more confident you will feel and the better outcome you will have. Attend the team’s informational meeting to learn about the technical requirements, clinic days, stages of the audition, and paperwork required.  Visit the team’s website and social media to learn more about the style of dance performed, events they perform at, and their overall look. The more information you have the better prepared you will be.

Train, Train, Train!:  Once you have more information about the requirements needed to make the team, start taking lessons to prepare yourself ahead of time.  Do some research to identify what styles of dance and specific skill judges will expect you on audition day. Getting private training in addition to taking dance class may give you that added push for making it onto the dance team. Not only can dance lessons give you the practice you need but teachers can also share helpful tips and advice to help you be at your personal best at the tryout.

Take Advantage of Audition Clinics: Many dance programs offer clinics before tryouts. This is a great way to learn the required choreography and dance style.  It will also help you further your skills and find out exactly what judges are looking for at the audition.  Visit the school’s or team website or social media to learn more about clinic dates and the audition process.  Reach out to the coach with any questions to ensure you are prepared for the big day!

Know the Dress Code: First impressions can be everything.  For a dance team audition, making the best impression possible is critically important.  Make sure you review the dress code guidelines in the tryout paperwork to ensure you are presenting your best self.   Identify if you’ll need multiple outfits and shoes based on the styles of dance performed at the audition.  Pay special attention to your hair and make-up.  Make sure it is appropriate, presenting yourself with a clean look.  And, don’t forget to bring hair and makeup touch up items to refresh yourself throughout the day.

Do Your Best:  Arrive to the audition on time!  Make sure you come prepared to the tryout with the required paperwork completed and arrive a little early to relieve your nerves.  Judges will want to see that you can follow the rules and that you will be committed to the program.  During the audition, remember to project your personality, hold your head up high, smile, and leave it all on the dance floor.  Be polite and friendly with other dancers, as they could be your teammates soon. Be confident and show the judges that you’re excited to be there and eager to be part of the team.

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