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4 Reasons Why Being in a Dance is Important Right Now

Being a parent during a pandemic is not exactly a walk in the park. When a child is hungry, you feed them. When a child is sick, you take them to the doctor. When a child experiences a pandemic, sees the world flipped upside down, and probably doesn’t completely understand why, you…?

Well, if you’re feeling lost on how to support your kids right now, check out this great article from the Child Mind Institute that we stumbled upon a few days ago. It’s got some great tips! When we read it, we couldn’t help but realize that dance class just so happens to check off quite a few things on that list.

Dance is amazingly beneficial for kids. We’ve known this for years, which is why we’ve chosen to dedicate our lives to it. But when we think about what kids NEED during a pandemic, dance class seems even more magical than ever before. We are SO excited to dance with your children this Fall, especially because we know they will need it more than ever before.

4 Reasons Why Being in a Dance Class is SO Important Right Now:

1. Back to a Routine

Kids need structure in their lives, and with almost nothing normal these days, finding that structure is super difficult. That’s why a weekly dance class that remains consistent throughout the ENTIRE school year is so valuable right now.

We guarantee that when you sign up for one of our Fall Dance Classes, your child will have something to look forward to every week. They will settle into a groove when they have that consistency in their lives. More importantly, when they have consistent activities and structure, they will be less likely to act out and need YOUR attention at home.

2. Socialization

In the year of social distancing, all of us are feeling the negative emotional impacts of isolation and being apart from others. While we may not be able to help your kids feel physically closer with their friends, we certainly can help them feel connected once again.

In dance class, the smiles are contagious. The community feel is automatic and comes about organically. When you’re in a room dancing together, you feel together, no matter how far apart. We can’t wait to help your kids bloom into the social butterflies that they were before quarantine!

3. Physical Activity

With many sports cancelled, and A LOT more use of technology over the past couple months, I think we could ALL use some move-your-body time. Here at Beat Street Dance Studio, that is what we do BEST!

Send your kids to us this Fall for a full body workout and a feel-good endorphins boost. In class, we get our heart rates up while also utilizing muscle control and flexibility. Dancing really is the whole package. Not to mention our adult hip-hop classes! Come move with us this Fall!

4. Supportive and Positive Adults

We KNOW you’re already doing this at home. But parents are humans too, and it’s unrealistic to expect yourself to stay positive for you kids 100% of the time (especially during a pandemic). That’s where we come in.

It’s our JOB to be there for your kids. Our goal is to bring our students unwavering and unconditional positivity. At dance, we’re here to build them up for their own sake, but also so YOU don’t have to be the only one doing so. We’re here for both you and your child, now more than ever.

Are you ready to make all of this magic happen for your child this Fall?! We are too! We are now accepting enrollment for our Dance Season. Click here to view the schedule and register today!

Making this list got our warm and fuzzies going, simply because we LOVE what we do. It’s time for another great year of dance at Beat Street Dance Studio, and we can’t wait to bring your children all the things that they need MOST right now.


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