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10 things that make Tap dancing great!

We decided create this list of amazing things regarding tap dancing to share with anyone that may be considering taking a tap class:

Here is the list!

1. Tap dancing is loads of fun!Have you ever ever watched any of greatest dancers perform? They look like they're having the time of their life. That’s because they are!

2. Tap helps you lose weight! Everything regarding tap dancing is aerobic, whether or not you're learning it or just having fun. It takes energy and concentration to execute all of the sounds and movements in time with the music. Let’s face it, legs aren't the lightest parts of the body.

3. It helps develop your balance! Once you initial begin taking classes, one of the most important things you begin learning is to balance yourself on the balls of your feet. Doing this while performing other movements is difficult at first, however in time you'll notice a difference in your balance.

4. You’ll learn to stay rhythm together with your entire body! This is a skill that's helpful, not just for dancers, but for musicians, and athletes also. Several athletes including some athletes have taken tap dancing to increase their balance and coordination. a similar may be aforesaid for some musicians, and even drummers. In fact, many tap dancers turn out to be excellent drummers.

5. You get dance and create music at the same time! This is perhaps my most favorite part of tap dance. With most other styles of dance, you're dependent upon some external source for the music. This is not true with tap dancing because the visual and auditory components are combined. In tap you are able to take the musical concepts in your head and communicate them through your feet.

6. It is an Art Form! Believed to be developed in the US, however, it was the interaction of Irish, African, English, and Native American influences that steered to the creation, over time, of this beautiful art form. It also grew up with another American form of art, Jazz!

7. It helps you in learning many other styles of dance! Can you tell us who has more footwork than a tap dancer? Tap dancers use our footwork to create sound that needs to be performed with precise timing in order to be correct. Training as a tap dancer develops the communication between the brain, legs, and feet. This ability is key to learning other styles of dance.

8. It’s mysterious! Bet you’re wondering, what does this mean?. Let us explain…Have you ever watched a tap dancer dance? You say to yourself, how can they make those sounds with their feet? Many that have never trained have tried and been unsuccessful. And still wonder, how to they make those sounds that are so precise.

9. Tap dancing allows you to express yourself! True of tap and the other styles of dance. Dance may be a way of expressing yourself. You're be able to say things, and tell stories that you may not be able to say yourself.

10. It relieves stress! When you are stressed, tap permits you to strike the ground to relieve that stress! As mentioned earlier, tap is style of expression. As you learn it, you'll notice that tap steps and movements will have moods and ideas behind them. Expressing those emotions through dance is a great way to relieve stress!

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